WINDVD Platinum Retail

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Full Retail Boxed Version including full manual etc Manufacturer's Description WinDVD Platinum 5 is the ultimate DVD software player, providing you with the finest quality video and audio playback. Watch movies with a theater experience right on your computer or laptop. And with Mobile Technology, designed for Intel Centrino Mobile Technology based systems, your battery life is extended for a longer lasting movie experience! WinDVD Platinum 5 is loaded with features: Mobile Technology: Designed for Intel Centrino Mobile Technology based systems, your battery life can be significantly extended, increasing your movie playback time. With optimized power saving settings, memory caching and battery end life control you can enjoy your movies without worrying about your battery dying unexpectedly. Time Stretching: "If it seems like Hollywood movies these days are way too long, then technology may have the solution. What if you could speed things up a bit - but not miss any of the action?" Movie Encyclopedia: *NEW* This lets you search the movie database for details on movies, actors and directors and other movies your favorite stars are in! MyPlayback: *NEW* Create your own playlists with audio tracks or video files from DVDs, VCDs, SVCDs and CDs. Bookmark favorite spots of your DVDs and save them as a file (.bmk) for later or export to a friend and show them that amazing special effect! Grab a screen capture of a cool image, even an image you’ve enhanced with one of WinDVD 5’s great video effects, and save it as your wallpaper, a JPEG or Bitmap file or email it to a friend. Smart Stretch: *NEW* Isn't it annoying to watch 4:3 films on a widescreen (16:9) display (or vice versa) with the movie image stretched and distorted? Smart Stretch is a new feature that lets you customize your viewing image by intelligently compensating for the differences in displays and aspect ratios. This non-linear technology minimizes the distortion by only stretching the edges of the video and maintaining the original content in the center portion of the image. Now you can watch your videos with the correct aspect ration regardless of the movie or your display device. Video Collage: *NEW* WinDVD 5 offers several Video Effects to enhance the picture quality, such as Sharpness and Cinema Effector. You can also customize the image by applying multiple Video Effects simultaneously. Viewing Optimizer: *NEW* WinDVD 5 has optimized display settings, so that your movies will look perfect regardless of what you watch them on. QualiView: *NEW* WinDVD 5 creates a smooth, clear display of interlaced video content just like a TV, but lets it play on progressive devices like PC monitors, LCD panels or plasma displays. Gamma Correction: Adjust the overall brightness and color saturation of your movies for perfect viewing. DivX Support: DivX movies are high-compression video files renowned for their small file size and excellent quality. WinDVD 5 supports this file format and will play them all. 96 kHz/24 bit Audio Decode: Bring the movie theater home and listen to your movies with production quality audio.