Value HDMI-HDMI Cable 3m

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Suitable for all compatible DVD players, recorders, AV amplifiers, Projectors, Set-top boxes, Plasma and Lcd screens. This cable is ideal to connect to the new SKY HD box which has a HDMI output for High Definition broadcasts. The High-Definition Multi-media Interface (HDMI) is an industry-supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface. It is also backwards compatible with Dvi cables using cable adaptors. This cable is the future for digital TVs that carries video, audio, data, and control signals. This cable can carry Hi-Definition images as well as digital multi-channel surround sound audio. Most good quality Plasma/Lcd Tv’s available to buy now that are hi-def ready should now have this HDMI input available. Currently available on most Hi-Def ready Televisions. The cables are flexible, well screened and of a very good quality. Buy now whilst we have stock at this low price.