Techlink Wires CR Component Cable 1.5m 680141

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* For the video or home theatre enthusiast wanting excellent performance when attaching a DVD players, VCRs, Digital TV receivers and game consoles to a Television, Plasma screen or A/V receiver with Component Video inputs
* This RGB wired and colour coded lead features non-migratory 75ohm cable optimized for DVD applications to restrict signal loss that can cause inaccurate transmission of video signals

The WiresCR range features:
* High-end performance at an unbelievable price
* Double shielded non-migratory Oxygen Free Copper conductors throughout
* Individual Al-Mylar Aluminium foil shielded signal cables for improved picture and sound-to-cable signal migration
* Flexible PVC outer jacket to bend and fit into the tightest of spaces
* What Plasma and LCD TV Annual Awards, 2006-2007: Best Cable Brand of the Year 2007