Low Profile PCI Firewire Card

  • Product Code LOPRO1394

Update your Slimline PC with Firewire! This FireWire card enables you to take advantage of the latest Firewire peripherals. With the included IEEE 1394 cable you can download directly from your digital video camera straight to your hard drive. The advantages of Firewire peripherals are: Speeds up to 400Mbps More than 30x faster than USB Support for up to 63 devices off one card Hot-plug ability so you an add or remove devices without rebooting your computer Ease of use as there are no device ID`s, jumpers, DIP switches, or terminators.
Please note that types of card may vary and may not necessarily be as pictured, but all cards supplied will have at least 2 external firewire ports, and be compatible with Windows 2000/XP and Vista.