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We often get asked the question - is it worth going for Cat 6 outdoor cable over our standard Cat5e outdoor product?
9 times out of 10, our answer is that you'd be better off going with the Cat5e option.  Here's why;

  • Cat6 outdoor is approximately 80% more expensive than Cat5e outdoor
  • Cat6 outdoor is a thicker and stiffer cable, and more difficult to work with (particularly when it comes to crimping RJ45 ends onto it)
  • A lot of people believe that you need Cat 6 cable to get a gigabit (1000MB) connection.  This isn't true.  Our outdoor Cat5e cables are guaranteed to run at gigabit speeds all the way up to (and including) 60 metre lengths.

Indeed, for most applications, people buy our Cat5e product, run it at full gigabit speeds  and are extremely happy with it, why pay more for Cat 6?  If you're satisifed at this stage that Cat5e is for you, click here to view our range.

You should only need to order Cat 6 cable if;

  • You have an existing cabling infrastructure that is Cat 6
  • Your cable run is over 60 metres and you need guaranteed gigabit speeds
  • Any third party equipment you are using in conjunction with the cable specifies that you need a Cat 6 cable

If you've decided that you definitely need a Cat 6 outdoor cable, please email us at with your requirements, and we will email you a quote.  Please state what length(s) you're looking for, and whether you require bare cable or terminated with plugs.  Thanks!