30m High Quality CAT5e Outdoor Ethernet Network Cable

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Outdoor Cat5e Ethernet Network Cables

Introducing our outdoor range, with a tough polyethylene (PE) coating to withstand whatever the British climate can throw at them!  We've been selling this popular line for well over 10 years and have thousands of satisfied customers.

The coating is impermeable to water, unlike the standard indoor PVC cable.  It is also UV resistant, meaning it will not break down due to sunlight exposure.  Be very careful when ordering outdoor network cable on the internet, there are many unscrupulous companies out there who are selling you nothing more than black indoor cable, which although may work short term, will gradually break down over time as water ingresses! Even if it is genuine outdoor cable, check to make sure that it's not CCA (Copper Clad Aluminium), this stuff is lightweight junk, and barely meets Cat 5 specification, and you'll notice this, particularly on long cable runs. Our cable on the other hand uses solid copper conductors.  Always has, always will.

Domestic Uses
You have a broadband router or Homehub in the house, and you'd like to use the garage/shed/outbuilding as an office.  OK you may be able to use wireless, but sometimes the signal may be weak or non-existent.  This cable solves the problem. Simply measure the distance from your router to the outbuilding (allow a little slack - it's always better to have too much rather than too little).  Plug one end of our outdoor cable into your router, run the cable outside, and plug the other end into your computer.  You can even cascade this using a switch to add further devices to your outbuilding.  Many configurations available, and we can also supply bespoke outdoor telephone cables and mains cables, please contact us for more information.

Audiovisual - you can also use this cable to extend HDMI signals.  SkyHD box in one room and you'd like to send the signal out to a different floor and need to run the cable outside?  You can use our outdoor cable to achieve this.  Please email us with details and we'll send you through a proposal.  

Commercial Uses
You have a small network in one building and you're looking to expand to another building.  Use our outdoor cable to do this.  An always-on internet/network connection, with none of the limitations of wireless drop-outs.  Many configurations available, and we can also supply bespoke outdoor telephone/mains cables, please contact us for more information.

Suitable for PC's. Macs, games consoles, media streamers etc., in fact anything you could normally plug an ethernet network cable into!  All cables are in black, and are constructed from Enhanced Category 5 (Cat5e) verified cable - this exceeds the standard Category 5 ethernet specification.

We can offer you these cables in 2 finishes;

  • With plugs on both ends, fully assembled and tested to exceed Cat5e standards. This is the option most customers go for.
  • Just the bare cable, with the plugs supplied loose for you to attach yourself.  You would really only need to go for this option if you had to thread the cable through a really tight space (less than 15mm).  You need a crimping tool to attach the plugs for this, you can buy this here if you don't have one, and we also supply a wiring diagram for you.

We also sell cable clips which you can use to route your cable along walls, roofs etc, and other accessories

Please note that the standard lead time for this product is 6 working days for delivery of assembled and tested cables (although it is generally quicker) and 3 working days for bare cable.
We can, however, offer an expedited next-day service for urgent orders - please telephone us on (01563) 534540 and we will do everything we can to make this happen.