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10mtr High Quality Gold Plated Pro-Signal RGB/Component Video Cable 

This cable has Gold Plated connections to allow for optimum signal transfer, improved contact resistance and low loss. The cables are flexible and well screened and makes for a superior video connection over composite video, scart or S-vhs.
Ideal for connecting high quality video items such as a DVD Player/recorder into a Plasma or LCD screen. Each individual cable is easily identifiable by colour. Red, Green and Blue.

What is Component Video?
Component Video is a type of video signal in which the luminance and chrominance signals are kept separate for better video quality. A signal that is recorded or transmitted in its separate components. The signal contains the original elements of a colour picture, including the red, green, blue, and sync information. Component Video is visually superior to composite video simply because each colour has a dedicated cord and can carry more information. Typically referred to as Y/Pb/Pr, compared with an S-video signal, a Y/Pb/Pr signal carries more colour detail. HDTV, DVD, and DBS are component video sources. Component Video is one of the few connections into plasma/Lcd screens that can carry Hi-Definition images.

This may be a value cable, but don't let the low price fool you.
This cable has many attributes usually only found on more expensive cables.

- 75 Ω coaxial cable
- Gold plated phono plugs
- Pure copper conductors
- Colour coded phono plugs